Couples Vacations only.Submerge yourself in the Desire Resorts & Cruises, all inclusive

Submerge yourself in the desire experience, a international of erotic delight, in which enjoyable your fantasies and awaking your senses is your only goal.

Lose yourself in the sensuality of a couples-only atmosphere, full of respect and intimacy, vibrating in delight without limits, where apparel is non-compulsory.

Take part in the inexhaustible game of seduction designed to enrich your imagination, while playing breathtaking views in tremendous destinations, each land & sea, offering provocative luxury and sensual facilities for the best blend of ecstasy and eroticism.


International-elegance luxury and marvelous spaces create the perfect combination of relaxation and fantasy, with breathtaking views of wonderful locations, both land & sea.

Our clothing-non-compulsory concept gives intimate, extraordinary spaces to satisfy new couples, and take part in the inexhaustible game of seduction.


Original group, is a international leader in the adult vacation industry. We active in the hotel sector, cruise industry, holiday clubs, actual estate, docks providing paradise seekers unique experiences, in top destinations global, that even the most demanding traveler can not resist.


In the early years, original group’s principal section was tourist properties, but these days, the group has diversified to include resort operations, in addition to the sales and administration of its own vacation club.

These days original group, which was based in 1974, consists of 3 resorts (desire Riviera Maya Pearl resort, desire Riviera Maya resort and Temptation Cancun resort) with a great reserve of land for the expansion of tourism, operation and housing.


Each of unique group’s products offer the ideal surroundings for travelers in search of to add a new dimension to their holiday.


At the same time as every is characterised by its own individuality, common standards have been established, focusing on genuinely original, adult experiences.

Expand your horizons and explore your fantasies, as you and your couple cruise thru some of the world’s most exotic destinations along the coastal region of the Western Mediterranean.


The desire Cruise experience offers a global of erotic pleasure, that awakens the senses, in a couples-only ambience, full of respect and intimacy, without limits, wherein clothing is non-obligatory.





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